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Missing the record session tab feature

My iPod is a 4th generation and since I had redownloaded the app I noticed it was missing the record tab. I wondered what happened

Update Missing Soundcloud

Love Deej app but latest update is buggy. No Soundcloud radio button to upload recordings. Hoping a new update with bug fixes will come out soon.


This is by far the best DJ APP !!!!

Can't load my music into

:( I fell in love with this app when I used the lite version so I bought it thinking it would be better but I can't even load any files into the full version.


Love it, great as z carry on, but needs new updates, like a sampler, more effects and more skins. Deej is my favored program, I also have Dj Pro2 and Dj Pro and I keep going back to Deej.

I would give this 0 stars if I could!

Don't waste your money, won't play most of my songs.

Plz update

I thought I was going to be able to mix songs from soundcloud... I don't have any music from iTunes just threw out 6 bucks ... If you guys can update it or if I can get my money back since I can't use it that would be great




This app is amazing for mixing or modifying music. It's really fun to use too. Also is there a way u can make my own skin?


The BEST!!!!


Would be better if you could load songs from your iTunes library


5 más

Good for home users

It gives you everything you need but it hard to use in a club atmosphere.

Great app

It's a great app when I first got it I had no idea of djing now I think I want to get into it even more

very funny

good, funny, and very entertaining I really had a great time with this application!!!!


Download This :)

Fix the glitching

Good app but every time I push play on a song it skips forward or backward like 10 seconds. Really annoying. Must fix

Me gusta mucho

Muy bien

Great App

I like it it’s EZ i just need the plug to hook it up to my DJ system


For the price this is an easy and fun to use app.


This is great it's just amazing how you can mix songs and it's just so much fun thanks to who made this I encourage you to do more things like this Ps If you can please make a update so you can add your songs you make to videos it would be very helpful to me because I make a show called the lost ones on you tube my channel is red adrenaline if you want to check it out but great app

Rip offs

DO NOT GET!!!!!!!!!. Same as idj 2 go. This one just looks cooler for $5

App stinks

Dnt buy this app it's a waste of time I want a refund


It's an awesome upgrade from what it was I do think you should make the recordings just continue like if I'm just listening to music cause it's alittle annoying how I have to be done with the recording instead of just continuing with the recordings but other then that it's an amazing app to buy👍👌

iOS 8?

doesnt allow newest update on iOS beta 5. please fix it!



Great app

Love DJ apps like this where u can use ur creativity anytime

Love it

I love this app just what I was looking for😃😃


ha ha first tag. love it.

Want fixxes.

Perfect app, but would like to be able to change the "pitch" more then 20%. Also the right side of the board has mis-labels. Treble is actually bass and bass is actually treble.

Okay app

I have an IDJ2GO and once I plug it in the app crashes it has bugs that need to be fixed.


Very fun

Not a good enough app

This app doesn't have cue points to cue up different parts of the songs. It also doesn't have loops unless you pay an extra dollar. There's no scratch feature or hold the record option.

Best app ever

This app is great but i think micro dj pro is a little better

Awesome app

I have had this app for a long time and it keeps getting better and better. I have recommended it to several of my close friends.

Download to iTunes/music

We should b able to get out mixes to b in our music

Pretty dope & fun to use

Love this app. The only thing that I would suggest is the addition of more cue points & different effects. Only then could this app to complete in my eyes. But other than that, it's fun & I lose track of time mixing my library. Lol


Please add Advanced time-stretching (KEY-LOCK) Thank you!

Please fix

I purchased the loop and effects but they wont load. I keep getting an error pop-up not cool. 😡


Very Fun to play with.... In a pinch you could actually D.j. Off of your phone.... I own a NuMark NS-7 FX board.... However this is way more portable... It isn't quite the NuMark but for an app. It is Awesome for the cost difference.... It's enough to get you started and get your feet wet in the world of professional

People are copying you!

idj2go by ion audio has an exact replica of your deej app, just in different colors. i hope you know this. They are profiting off of your app!

Love it but *****NEEDS A FIX*******

I bought the Deej effects and loops and every time I go to use it it asks me to buy it again... It says if you previously purchased it you can restore purchases by clicking here... But the link doesn't work... And I got charged again to use it because after hitting that link many times I accidentally hit the buy button and thought the link actually worked... This needs to get fixed ASAP

Love this!

Great tool, especially for parties...

Awesome :)

I love it👍👍😊😊

Awesome but...

The way this works is great for practice and personal use, but it does not make easy proper cues nor have I tried it with my full gear! But, I have high expectations!


This is a pointless app plain and simple.

Simple and effective

Very easy to use. Great value for money. Highly recommended.

I like it

It's simple to use, not a master control set up but for somebody wanting to get into mixing its a pretty decent app.


Awesome and totally sick

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