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App crashes. Doesnt work

Load one song ok. Try to load another into 2nd deck app freezes and crashes out. 4.99 lol.

Still needs improvement

Had this app for a while now. Not what you expect if you want a cool scratching sound djs are famous for. Needs a scratch sound. Good start but needs to be improved still.

Really bad app

App always crashed and is unable to load songs from iPod. It tries to but just sits and loads. I want my 5 bucks back and the 10 minutes of my life back.

Great mixing program

Works great for me dont know what everyones complaining about. Is a great app for mixing tracks!


This app is great for what im doing!!!!

Great DJ App

Most dont know what their doing. Great app. Improvement - Id say make it easier or should I say faster too load a song from anywhere. Also need to be able to load a playlist just like Virtual DJ Pro. Thanks.


..I recommend the free DJ Player app I find it much much better. Sorry

nice app but... miss: 1) possibility to choose the songs from playlist; 2) auto-crossfade or auto-mix mode; 3) bpm counter.

I would give this 0 stars if I could!

Dont waste your money, wont play most of my songs.


Love it, great as z carry on, but needs new updates, like a sampler, more effects and more skins. Deej is my favored program, I also have Dj Pro2 and Dj Pro and I keep going back to Deej.

It changed my life.

I have always wanted to be a dj when I grew up.I listen to skrillix and all of those people who do dubstep.i have thought about doing that for my whole life.this app made it happen.I am being invited to partys,people hang around me, the best app Its the closest to dj aquiptment.i was going to get a launch pad soon..thank you all.

Deej App

Just started getting into Dj stuff, this app is awesome.


No longer freezes & is great for listening to music or creating mixes; have already made a few myself.

Great App

With the money I spent on this App.Well worth the Price...


The app sometimes wouldnt let me change songs so i had to upgrade to this


This app is way cool it was worth the 5.99 get it its awesome


Awesome and totally sick

I like it

Its simple to use, not a master control set up but for somebody wanting to get into mixing its a pretty decent app.

Simple and effective

Very easy to use. Great value for money. Highly recommended.


This is a pointless app plain and simple.

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